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Fishing for everyone

Only few areas in Sweden offer such diversity when it comes to fishing opportunities as Småland does. Here there is fishing for everyone, regardless of the method or species you want to fish. In Tingsryd there are lakes and streams of varying size, with outstanding species richness and prosperous fish stocks. Thanks to the diversity of fish species and the environment in which they live, fishing also differs. Depending on what fish you want to catch or what experience you are looking for, Tingsryd offers the full range of different fishing methods. Rushing streams and creeks with rocky ground perfect for fly fishing. Large, deep lakes where the fish lurk in the deep and where trolling by boat is the best method. Mirror-glossy forest lakes that provide a quiet moment in the stressful life, perfect for picking up a spin rod or for float fishing. Fishing licenses are required in all lakes.

Fishing permits

Fishing permits are required in all lakes and streams in the municipality of Tingsryd. At all the fishing waters in Tingsryd municipality can you see where you can buy fishing licenses for the different lakes. At can you buy digital fishing licenses to many of the lakes in the area. 

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Fishing water in Tingsryd

In Tingsryd municipality, there are many fine lakes that are suitable for fishing. The fish species differ slightly between the lakes. Here you will find all fishing waters in Tingsryd

Guides for an extraordinary fishing experience

If you want to get the little extra out of your fishing experience, there are several companies that offer different types of fishing guides.

Fiske från båt
Åsnen Grand-slam

Every year in September, Getnö Gård-Lake Åsnen Resort organizes a two-day fishing competition. It is a "Catch-n-release" competition where you shall catch the 3 biggest fish in the lake Åsnen For more information about Grand slam visit