Travel to Tingsryd

Travel to Tingsryd

Tingsryd in southern Småland is not far away! 

Three hours from Denmark, five from Germany — and you’re right at the heart of idyllic Småland!
If you bring your car or rent one, it’s easy to reach different sites in both the municipality of Tingsryd and the entire Smålandic region. Another practical way of transportation is the bike — with the additionally luxury of bird song and the fragrance of nature!

Travel by car

Tingsryd is close to road 27, only 45 km south of Växjö and 45 km to the north of Karlshamn.

From Denmark you can take either the ferry from Helsingør or the road over the bridge from Copenhagen. Both ways, it’s less than a three hour journey.

From Germany, the journey should take about five hours from Puttgarden via Denmark, or directly by boat to Trelleborg or Ystad.

From the Skåne region in the south of Sweden, you take the E4 going north and then road 119 via Osby or road 120 via Älmhult. From Malmö, take road 23 to Osby and then either 119 toward Tingsryd or the E22 to Karlshamn and from there road 29 to Tingsryd.

Coming from Stockholm, you should take the E4 toward Värnamo and then road 27 to Tingsryd via Växjö. You can always stop by Astrid Lingren’s World on the way south. To do that, take the E4 toward Linköping and then road via Vimmerby, on to Växjö, from where you take the 27 to Tingsryd.

From Gothenburg you can choose to drive route 27 via Borås or E6 via Halmstad and then route 25 towards Växjö and finally route 27 towards Tingsryd.

Need help to find the right way? Click here for Google maps!


By boat

Don’t forget to book in advance when you’re planning to travel during popular seasons! Here are some direct links to some ferry routes:

Scandlines from Denmark and Germany (via Denmark)
TT-Line fromGermany
Stena Line from Germany, Poland, Denmark and the Baltic
DFDS Seaways from from England (via Esbjerg, Denmark)
Polferries from Poland
Aferries price comparions ferries

By bus

When does the bus leave? Find schedules here!

Länstrafiken Kronoberg - buses in southern Småland

Kalmar Länstrafik - buses in Eastern Småland

Blekingetrafiken - buses from Blekinge

Tingsrydsbuss - Our local bus company will be happy to help your group travel to and from Tingsryd. is another channel for this purpose.

By plane

These are the closest airports:

Växjö Smaland Airport, 55 km from Tingsryd

Ronneby Airport, 37 km from Tingsryd

Kalmar Airport, 100 km from Tingsryd

Jönköping Airport, 185 km from Tingsryd

Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport, 220 km from Tingsryd

By train

Travel by train is a comfortable and sustainable way to travel!
The closest train stations are in Växjö and Karlshamn. Also nearby are Alvesta, Ronneby and Karlskrona.

SJ Swedish Railways

Öresundstågen Denmark and southern Sweden

DB From Germany, special offers from German Bahn to Alvesta