Tingsryd is all of Småland in one place!

Deep enchanting forests, glossy lakes and streams, blooming meadows and open fields. Red cottages, tortuous small roads and beautiful stonewalls. There is so much to see and experience.

Welcome to the municipality of Tingsryd!

Where life is wonderful!


Experience beautiful nature and outdoor life in Tingsryd municipality 

In the “Naturkartan” below you will find what you can see and do outside in our beautiful nature. The nature map is also available as an app for your phone, and can be downloaded where apps are available.


Things to do in Tingsryd

En tallrik med mat

Places to eat at Tingsryd


Things to do

Are you looking for something to do when you are in Tingsryd? Here is something for everyone.

Korrö hotell

Places to stay at


In Tingsryd you can really feel "At home in Småland"

Enjoy John Lundvik's interpretation of the Småland song and be inspired to discover our Småland gems here at Visit Tingsryd!
Here you will find John Lundvik's pearls in Småland


Events in Tingsryd

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Made in Tingsryd!


Get a taste of Tingsryd! 

Whether you prefer a holiday at the beach or one that’s full of activities in nature, you'll find your personal paradise here.

We that already know our way around invite you to get a taste of the Tingsryd spirit with this film – 100% Made in Tingsryd!

Come and collect all your best holiday memories!



Right of public access

The right of public access is unique!

You apply the right of public access when taking a walk, canoeing or simply just sit on a rock thinking. The rule gives you a lot of freedom. But it also means that you have a large responsibility towards the environment, wildlife and the owner of the ground you’re on. The most important rule:
Don’t disturb – don’t destroy!


Order brochures

Are you interested in hiking, cycling, visiting Åsnen National Park or perhaps seeing what else is available for experiences and places to visit in Tingsryd municipality? Take the opportunity to order brochures for free via our e-service. In a few days you will have them in your mailbox.

The e-service also contains some brochures to read in digital form.


Does the fire prohibitions apply at the place where I am?

To make a fire in nature is not always allowed

Due to high fire risk during the summer, it may be prohibited to light up a fire in nature or on you own property. During fire prohibitions every open fire is usually prohibited.
In the Åsnen area the lighting of fires is ALWAYS prohibited from April 1 - September 30.

Fleemarkets and Antiques

Do your best bargains on your vacation!

You might find the things that will become your best memories at a Fleemarket or at a Curio shop. You'll find them along the roads and in the small villages. Sometimes in an old barn, and sometimes out in the open!

Tourist information

Tourist information

Welcome to the Tourist Office!Regardless of whether you live in Tingsryd or come here for the first time, we are happy to tell you about accommodation, experiences and nice strawberry places in this beautiful area.

Wherever you are in Tingsryd municipality, you are close to tourist information.

Till puff pa visit

Visit Småland

Tingsryd is located in southern Småland. A beautiful landscape with many possible day trips within a reasonable distance from Tingsryd. See Visit Småland for inspiration!