Vy över sjön Åsnen

Åsnen - Nature for real

Lake Åsnen is unique. Although it is Småland's third largest lake, it is not the size that makes it so special.

The unique thing about Åsnen is its fantastic archipelago and all the bays that give the area 700 km of beach, mainland and islands together!

Here are trees that took root in the 18th century and some areas here give a feeling of primeval forest that is very rare in the country. Here are wetlands and open waters that are monitored by Eagles and Ospreys. Among all the hundreds of islands you can hear the magic of the pocket and some parts of the lake are so unique that a National Park has been created.

The water invites to many adventures and for many, fishing is the most important thing. Beneath the surface lurks both 1-meter pike and the coveted pikeperch. If you want to stay above the water surface, the canoe is a popular means of transport - in addition, it is possible to spend the night close to nature without disturbing the sensitive environment along a marked canoe trail, Värendsleden, through the entire lake.

If you take the bike to help, you can actually cycle through the lake. A bike ride offers food as well as nature and culture. Around southern Åsnen, the slopes are painted pink in the spring - then the fruit trees compete in floral splendor. A little further north you come through various nature reserves and Åsnen National Park which offers comfortable paths through mighty deciduous tree halls.

On the way north there are places for food and drink, freshly caught smoked fish or freshly baked cakes are served here directly by Åsnen's beach. Or why not take the opportunity to buy freshly harvested vegetables at home. In the far north, we feel the wings of history and the splendor of kings in the old ironworks blast furnace and manor halls at Huseby!

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Storlommen is one of the birds you can have the privilege of seeing when you stay on Åsnen.

Pay attention so you do not get too close to settlements. Whether the birds choose to warn or quietly retreat - paddle quietly away and let them rest. Listen to their magical cries over the lake and enjoy the true feeling of wilderness in the distance!
If you do not know how it sounds, you can listen here:

Audio clip from Swedish radio