Åsnen national park

Inland archipelago and old-growth forest

Åsnen National Park covers an area of 1868 hectares and is located in the municipality of Alvesta and Tingsryd, bordering on the municipality of Växjö. 75 per cent of its area is made up of water. You get an incredible sense of wilderness here, surrounded by ancient beech forest, an inland lake with everything from a hundred or so larger islands to tiny rocky islets, and rich plant and animal life can be seen everywhere you turn. The forest in Bjurkärr (at the Sunnabron entrance) is very old and unspoilt, with a virgin forest feel. It is famous for its incredible species diversity, which includes lichens, fungi and insects that live on wood. The mythical Trollberget – Troll Mountain – on the west side of Åsnen has some exciting forest hiking to offer, particularly for the youngest family members.

The National Park is part of the large lake Åsnen and its surroundings. There is a wide variety of nature environments here. The forests change from lush deciduous forest to lean pine forest. There are many different types of wetlands and beaches to be found here. There is also a mire with small lakes. In the heart of the park, one finds the large islands, each of which can provide a full-day experience. Åsnen has something to offer in every season. Birdwatch, paddling, observe the lichens and mushrooms, go skating along the beach or ski on snow-covered ice.

Welcome to the greatest nature of Sweden!


Broschyrer som ligger i gräset

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