Åsnen - Nature for real -

Getnö och Åsnens övärld, Foto: Ingrid Olsson Getnö Gård

The Åsnen is unique. Although it’s Smålands third biggest lake, it’s not its size that makes it so special. The unique thing about the Åsnen is its wealth of islands and bays that gives it over 700 km (434 miles) of beach!

There are trees that saw the light of day in the 18th century and some areas still have the air of a pristine forest that has become very rare. There are wetlands and open waters that lie under the watchful eye of eagles and ospreys. Among the hundreds of islands you can hear the mystical voices of the loon and some parts of the lake are so unique they are going to be made into a national park.

The water invites you for many an adventure, of which, for most people, fishing is the most important one. Under the surface meter long luces lurk, as well as the much sought zander. For those who prefer to stay above the surface the canoe is a popular vessel – one, in fact, with which you can experience the pristine environment even more closely and without causing any damage, as there is a marked canoeing route leading through the entire lake.

You can even cross the lake by bike. A biking route connects places at which to enjoy food, culture and of course nature. Around the southern part of the lake, the landscape is tinted pink in the spring as all the fruit trees bloom and compete in all their flowering majesty. A bit further north you cross two different nature reserves which offer comfortable paths through majestic woods.

On the way up, there are places to eat and drink, serving newly caught and freshly smoked fish or homemade cakes right at the beach. You can even buy freshly harvested vegetables. In the far north we can feel the touch of history and the splendor of by-gone kings in the furnace of the old iron works and the manor house.

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Photo above: Getnö and the lake Åsnen archipelago, Photo Ingrid Olsson

Storlom, Photo: Nils-Arne Thunell

Black-throated diver

The black throated diver is one of the species native to the Åsnen area.

Be careful not to disturb their habitat. Even if the birds abandon their position without protest, retreat carefully and let them calm down. Listen to their magic cries echoing over the lake and enjoy nature with respect! Not familiar with the bird's call?
Listen to the sound here: