Smålands blue treasure

Shimmering water, lush green fields and winding roads. Old stone fences can be found almost everywhere, and along the roadside wild apple trees grafted by past generations flourish. Åsnen is a holiday wonderland offering nature and culture in an exciting mix.

Welcome to Åsnen – a place where you can enjoy the silence and tranquillity without crowding. Here you are met with a unique lake archipelago consisting of 1000 islands and more than 700 kilometres of shoreline. Several of the islands have not had any human impact for years and are inhabited by rare birds that are sensitive to disruption, such as the white-tailed eagle, osprey and black-throated diver. The bird and wildlife is rich and if you are lucky, you may even be able to glimpse a lynx or a moose in the forest.

One of Europe’s most valuable broadleaf forest is located in Åsnen, and during early summer the tall-trunked beech forest forms a glittering roof that makes it feel like you are walking inside an organic cathedral. The combination of old broadleaves and wood slowly decomposing and becoming new life, explains much of the local biodiversity.

For more information see www.visitasnen.se

Utsikt igenom vindskydd ut mot sjön

Åsnen national park-

inland archipelago and old-growth forest

Welcome to the greatest nature of Sweden!

Vy över sjön Åsnen
Åsnen - Nature for real

Lake Åsnen is unique. Although it is Småland's third largest lake, it is no...

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Åsnenguiderna är en samling naturguider som tillsammans erbjuder en komplett guideupplevelse i och omkring sjön Åsnen. Destination Åsnen är Sveriges första nationalparksdestination och dessa guider bidrar till en naturupplevelse utöver det vanliga. Följ länken för mer information om deras tjänster.